Group Loan Managment

Executive Summary Three billion people – nearly half the world’s population – live on less than US$2.50 a day. Only about 20 percent of households in developing countries have access to the formal financial sector and many of the rest lack access to credit, savings and mortgages (Shah, 2013). This is a consequence of poor […]

I just started a new stock portfolio for investing in technology sector. here is my portfolio performance for last 20 days comparing to average return from NASDAQ S&P 500 companies. Update: now in December 2017 after 4 month my portfolio performance is about 260% thanks to bitcoin FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out”) and growing IPO […]

Being a software developer and also an Stock trader, it is hard to not get persuated to practice algorithmic trading. Over course of my career I had done multiple data processing algorthms, In 2017 I took a Data mining course as part of my MBA program with concentration in Data Analytics and that course showed […]

People who emphasized too strongly the fact that they’re professionals usually are not very good at what they do. What really adds up to professionalism is being very good at what you do in a very modest way. Herb Kelleher, former Southwest Airlines CEO

This is a while I’m trying to find historical stock data to build an AI system. Sadly it’s not as easy as it appears. I’m putting together my findings here: Option 1: Using Yahoo’s CSV approach above you can also get historical data! You can reverse engineer the following example: Essentially: sn = TICKER a […]

Major changes in the 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies (see Figure 1) include the placement of autonomous vehicles, which have shifted from pre-peak to peak of the Hype Cycle. While autonomous vehicles are still embryonic, this movement still represents a significant advancement, with all major automotive companies putting autonomous vehicles on their near-term road maps. […]