Most Common Applications Security Risks

Cyber crime has been evolved to a huge money making industry. It is estimated that the global Cyber crime market is about $450 Billion to 1 Trillion dollars.

Attackers can potentially use many different paths through your application to do harm to your business or organization.

What are applications Security Risks ? Copyright OWASP Report 2017

These are most commonly used security risks to attack applications or platforms.

OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks – 2017 Copyright OWASP

OWASP is monitoring and publishing these security risks every few years. By comparing the common security risks from 2013 to 2017 it is interesting to see how these security risks have been evolved with introduction of new technologies. For example the following picture shows how “Insecure de-serialization” has became a new threat to applications. In the world of cloud computing, each application should send and receive pieces of information, application usually would do that that through packing data in serialized buffers. IPC (Inter Process Communication), RPC (Remote Procedure Call) are two examples of this kind of serial de-serialization which can be used a security breach.

Top 10 Security risks 2013 vs 2017 – Copyright OWASP TOP 10 – 2017

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