What is your two minutes speech to stand up among other candidates ?

You’re sitting through an intensive promotion or hiring interview which has thoroughly reviewed your resume skills and experiences. As the interview nears its conclusion, the interviewer says: “Just before we conclude this interview, is there anything that you want us to know about you when we deliberate on your candidacy for this leadership role”? At this point, most candidates say little, and are just happy to have the interview end. What a missed opportunity!

Here is my two minutes speech so that they remember me above all other candidates. This is what will make me stand out in their minds as to the type of leader I will be.

I’d like to appreciate the time I have given for this interview. I believe one of the best ways a person can redefine his or her life purpose is by trying to bring good changes to this world. I know making positive difference in people’s day to day life is not achievable unless I push my boundaries, go beyond my limits and stepping out of my comfort zones. I strongly believe that any out of reach goal is possible to achieve if someone has the willingness to do so. As Michelle Obama has said: “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them”.

Once I was a kid I was hearing stories about heroes and how they can save the world. When I grow up I learned that there is hidden hero inside all of us sitting there to be discovered. I also learned that I can boost this internal hero by working and sharing a same goal with a team of same minded people. That is the time one can find a none replaceable joy by moving toward a precious common goal. I have seen many beautiful artworks in famous museums in Paris, New York, Florence and Rome. But I should confess the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life is the soul of people I had honor to work with them specially the ones that were down to the earth who would do anything to help others without expecting anything in return.

I believe in hard work and when I set my goals, I’ll try my best to achieve those goals. No matter how hard the goal is and how many times I fail. Life already has shown me that each failure just makes me one step closer to the success.

No matter what the assignment is, I won’t feel satisfied until I bring ground bricking change the project and push it to the next level and bring a change that was not exist previously. I believe in perfection and as an engineer I won’t accept any result other than excellence what ever it takes I won’t ever give up on excellence and producing the best of the kind.

To bring excellence, I’m open to take the leadership and stand up for common goals. In order to achieve this I don’t mind spending extra time to get the job done, taking more responsibilities or setting my self as an example for the rest of the team to motivate them.

Values are what define a person or an organization character, whether it to be contributing to human kind wellness or producing a state-of-the-art product, it should add up to the society and should have high level of morality. I believe in self integrity and I see it as a structure which one can develop his life while insuring it is in the right direction.

Once again, I’d like to thank you the opportunity I have given to present my point of view and I believe that I can add up values to the team with my broad experience and strong mindset. Working in this ever-lasting progressive competing world, where you interact with many people every day, demand a can-do, initiative, creative and of course flexible personality.

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