As part of the  Software development process we always have to deal with this question: How good is good enough ?  Should the team focus on delivering results quickly rather than waiting to build the “perfect” software.

To answer this question , I’ve found this successful Kaizen strategy model that has been developed by Japaneses business leaders like Toyota to become more competitive and profitable. “Kaizen” is a Japanese word stands for “change for the better” and It is commonly referred to as “Continuous Improvement.”

Kaizen, the manufacturing movement for continuous improvement, is being adapted into many different disciplines, including software development process. The core tenements of Kaizen are to
• Start small.
• Remove overly complicated work.
• Perform experiments to identify and eliminate waste.

There is an emphasis on delivering value quickly rather than completeness. Testing and learning can make small improvements along the way while working toward the end goals.

This is a marked contrast to the current tendency to spend long development cycles building the “perfect” models.

Kaizen also can be used in our day to day life to achieve ultimate goals.

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