IT Management

Kaizen – How good is good enough ?

As part of the  Software development process we always have to deal with this question: How good is good enough ?  Should the team focus on delivering results quickly rather than waiting to build the “perfect” software. To answer this question , I’ve found this successful Kaizen strategy model that has been developed by Japaneses […]


Comparing Different Schools of Economics

During the last Century two major school of economics have been developed, Neoclassical Economics and Keynesiyan Economics. The New Classical school is the modern adaptation of the classical school .   It is based on rational expectations it believes Rational agents are always making optimal decisions and firms are always maximizing profits, but the economy is […]

Stock Market

My New Portfolio Performance

I just started a new stock portfolio for investing in technology sector. here is my portfolio performance for last 20 days comparing to average return from NASDAQ S&P 500 companies. Update: now in December 2017 after 4 month my portfolio performance is about 260% thanks to bitcoin FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out”) and growing IPO […]

Case Study

Ignoring Social Responsibility Can Destroy Your Brand, a Lesson Learned From United Airline.

Ignoring Social Responsibility Can Destroy Your Brand, a Lesson Learned From United Airlines. By Saeed Karimabadi,  Amanda Bennett, Yang Ji, Yufeng Zhou and D Abstract In this report, we have studied the United Airlines Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR). What company has claimed and what it has done. Company Background United Airlines, Inc., commonly known as […]


When A Leader Is Transparent

In this paper, I’m going to compare the transparency of my recent two employers with their employees and how that can affect the ethical relationship in the workplace. For the past three years, I have been working at Lumentum Company, which is a public and international company, producing Fiber optic related communication equipment. Before that […]

Case Study

Canadian Tire: Expansion to unites States

By Saeed Karimabadi Executive Summary: Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC), with 495 dealer-owned Canadian Tire stores, 436 FGL Sports banner stores, 297 gasoline outlets, and 383 Mark’s stores, is one of Canada’s largest and most iconic retailers. While CTC’s core business is Retail with Canadian Tire Retail (CTR) as its core platform, the generational shift CTC […]

Case Study

Travel Time Measurement Systems

Introduction: With laws requiring motorists to use hands-free communication devices, an increasing number of vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth™ technology. Copmany is proposing a system comprised of detectors installed along the road or highway. This system detects vehicles that are equipped with Bluetooth™ technology. Vehicles are detected totally anonymously, and data are generated on their average […]


Historical Stock Data

This is a while I’m trying to find historical stock data to build an AI system. Sadly it’s not as easy as it appears. I’m putting together my findings here: Option 1: Using Yahoo’s CSV approach above you can also get historical data! You can reverse engineer the following example: Essentially: sn = TICKER a […]

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