By Saeed Karimabadi,  Amanda Bennett, Yang Ji, Yufeng Zhou and D Abstract In this report, we have studied the United Airlines Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR). What company has claimed and what it has done. Company Background United Airlines, Inc., commonly known as United, is an American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. United operates a large […]

By Saeed Karimabadi Executive Summary: Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC), with 495 dealer-owned Canadian Tire stores, 436 FGL Sports banner stores, 297 gasoline outlets, and 383 Mark’s stores, is one of Canada’s largest and most iconic retailers. While CTC’s core business is Retail with Canadian Tire Retail (CTR) as its core platform, the generational shift CTC […]

Introduction: With laws requiring motorists to use hands-free communication devices, an increasing number of vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth™ technology. Copmany is proposing a system comprised of detectors installed along the road or highway. This system detects vehicles that are equipped with Bluetooth™ technology. Vehicles are detected totally anonymously, and data are generated on their average […]

Saeed wrote this case analysis as a marketing course practice. The author does not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. Introduction Jill’s table is a small business located in London Ontario focused on kitchenware and specialty food. During the years, Jill Wilcox, the owner of the Jill’s Table has […]

Security Analysis: Malicious or criminal attacks are most often the cause of a data breach globally. According to IBM Report on Security Breach cost  (IBM and Pnemon Institute, 2015) Forty-seven percent of incidents involve a malicious or criminal attack, 25 percent concern a negligent employee or contractor (human factor), and 29 percent involve system glitches […]

Summary: Each company needs to asses and prioritize different risks involved in IT domains. They need to establish the data safety policy describing the accepted level of security and continuity for each section of their business and different level of data access. Also they have to monitor and re-assess the risks continuously. Analysis: Doing business is always […]

Adventure of an IT Leader   Chapter 8 – IT Priority Management Case Analysis Report   Executive Summary: Barton noticed that there might be security hole in the IT network infrastructure and the project for fixing this problem has not get funded historically. The previous CIO proposed the fix in the project prioritization meeting but […]

Summary: During the leadership meeting Barton questioned about a new technology which Barton was not fully aware of. While Barton was trying to make himself familiar with Web 2.0 technology he noticed that one of the customer service staff has published a blog page about IVK attack on June. Barton and his team were wondering […]

Executive Summary Tata Nano was the cheapest car in India and also in the world. It is sold in India around 2,500 dollars. It was manufactured by Tata Motor Limited, the largest automobile company in India. The car was designed to become a “People’s car” which is affordable by almost everybody. Tata Nano first launched […]

Measures of Quality Satisfied customers are integral to a restaurant business model. According to a Harvard Business School study[1] on Starbucks, customer satisfaction has a massive impact on the restaurant revenue. Customer satisfaction mainly comes from good customer service experience and also a good quality food.  We will analyse the different dimensions of a restaurant business quality […]